Where to Go for Space-Saving Furniture and Design Ideas

Aug 29, 2018, 10:12 AM | Robin Kocherhans
Space-Saving Furniture

Do you need space-saving ideas for your small rooms? How about space saving furniture for maximizing the space you do have?

You’re in luck!

We’ve tracked down the top four best blogs for finding just what you need to turn your too-tight space into a happy home so you can get some amazing small room ideas from the pros.

1. Houzz

A buzzworthy resource, Houzz is an incredibly useful site for planning, renovating, designing, furnishing, and living in your dream home, no matter what size it is!

They have tons of images you can use as space-saving design inspiration, as well as great posts with ideas and practical tips. You can even shop for space-saving products on their website to make putting your design ideas into action even easier.

Houzz also offers a mobile app for both Apple and Android phone that includes some very special and useful features that can also help you plan space-saving ideas for your home:

  • Ideabooks – Save and share your favorite photos
  • Sketch – Annotate and draw directly on Houzz photos
  • Visual Match – Visual recognition technology that lets you discover and buy space-saving products and materials directly from photos on Houzz
  • My Room 3D – Use the camera on your device to see how one million 3D products will look in your small space
  • Houzz TV – Watch original videos (some by celebrities) of inspiring home how-tos
  • Get Advice – Discuss your small-room problems and get feedback from the Houzz community

2. Apartment Therapy

You don’t have to live in an apartment to appreciate this vast resource for everything having to do with home design, including space-saving ideas for small rooms.

Apartment Therapy was launched in 2004 by Maxwell Ryan, known as the “Apartment Therapist,” who traveled by scooter to his clients’ homes to help them make their small spaces organized and beautiful. Apartment Therapy aims to “offer its readers different ways to build their own good life, based not just on style but on lifestyle.”

Here are a few gems for those looking to maximize their small space by using stunning, smart design:

3. Home Stratosphere

A directory of 24 online home and interior design software programs, Home Stratosphere has put them all to the test and ranked them for you. With these easy-to-use software suggestions, you can take your home design process to the next level.

Some programs are free and some need to be purchased. Additionally, some of them can be used online and others must be downloaded to your computer. You can even pick your project based on a specific room in your house (kitchen, bathroom, etc.).

Take a trial run on a few of them and see which ones work best for you and your home. If you don’t know where to start, you can take a quick quiz to narrow down your options.

Home Stratosphere has also partnered with a top-of-the-line software provider to create their own free online interior design software portal.

4. Freshome

With thousands of blogs and sites linked to Freshome, their website represents a reference point for anyone wanting to “acquire an overall idea of what’s happening in the creative and ever-changing world of design,” while also embracing small room living.

In one recent post, Freshome asked interior design pros to share their best tips on small space living. Here’s a sneak-peak at what the experts had to say:

"Make sure to be precise as to the function of the space. Identify your specific problem areas and viable solutions before you start to purchase furnishings." –Basia Falcon

"Don’t discount a statement piece but get the size right! One stunning statement piece of anything always makes a better impact than many busy small items." –Charmaine Wynter

"Consider lighting solutions that hang in the air like wall sconces. However, if you rely on recessed can lighting, be sure to layer in some floor or table lamps that cast light up onto your ceiling." –Rebecca West

"I recommend covering the majority of your walls (and ceiling) of the room in one color to make it feel larger. Additionally, using that wall color at least one other time in your space will pull your style together." –Dee Schlotter

"Invest in pieces that can be used for more than one thing. A desk can also function as a buffet when entertaining or a bench can be a coffee table." –Lisa Melone Cloughen

So there you have it: four amazingly rich resources you can go to for small room ideas and space-saving furniture. Now that you’re feeling inspired and prepared to take on your next project, it’s the perfect time to get started!

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